SimpleGov is a technology platform to optimize public policy through direct accountability and dialogue with local, state and federal officials.
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Agency Official Accountability

Connect to agency officials at every level of government, elected and unelected - planning departments, police officers, Park Rangers, FDA inspectors and more - and facilitate timely, targeted interactions with responsible officials.

Quantify Your Objectives

Our Custom Quantitative Benchmarking (CQB) allows performance ratings of agencies, officials, and suggested solutions - all relative to your goals. Evaluate policy in multiple dimensions across issues and jurisdictions, providing a true panoramic view on the status quo - and how to improve it.

Revolutionary Information Architecture

Dynamic Solution Space (DSS) is our digital interface to continually evaluate and optimize all the ways to turn your ideas into action - no matter how big or small.

Precision Optimization

Define your policy goals precisely to avoid political baggage. Celebrate officials when they do well, and shame them when they don't. Respond to suboptimal proposals and maximize coalition leverage on your terms.