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Pothole on Park Avenue
It's holding up traffic and damaging cars!
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Huntington Beach Must End Its Sweetheart Deal with Rainbow Environmental Services
Imagine that your preschool-aged child goes to school every day only 30 feet away from a waste trash dump that continuously cycles through rotting garbage carrying a stomach-turning stench. Now, imagine that your child in elementary school runs daily on a playground that sits directly next to idling diesel trucks that emit harmful tailpipe pollution and carry massive amounts of this putrid trash that has been collected from all parts of the city. For many Oak View neighborhood residents with children, this scenario is reality. Members of Huntington Beach’s Latino and largely low-income Oak View community live, breathe, work, and play right next to Rainbow Environmental Services’ 17.6-acre waste station, which has expanded steadily over the years. The facility is also directly across the street from the Oak View Preschool and Elementary School on Nichols Lane, a deliberate choice by the City of Huntington Beach through its zoning decisions and its exclusive franchise agreement with Rainbow. Although the franchise agreement claims to have a term of 15 years, a key provision of the agreement empowers the City’s Director of Public Works to extend that 15-year term annually, into perpetuity.
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Amendments to Chapter 9 to add Medical Cannabis Uses (Transporation Distribution Testing)
At issue is whether the City desires to require that testing labs, transporters and distributors be subject to the same CUP process as other medical cannabis uses, or to consider an alternative process such as allowing the businesses as a use by right, with appropriate conditions, in areas where similar uses are allowed. Other localities, such as Oakland and Santa Rosa, have taken, or are considering taking, this approach. Since the potential impact to these businesses is likely less than the other license types, and these license types are not pre-existing in the City, allowing them as permitted uses may be appropriate and efficient to administer. Testing laboratories, for example, could be allowed in zones where medical offices or laboratories are currently permitted (PPO, PLC, MXC, NBP), and distribution/transportation facilities could be permitted uses where storage facilities and/or warehouses uses are currently permitted (CPB-2, I-1). These license types could also be permitted as conditional uses in zones where similar uses are only allowed as conditional uses (PCC).
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