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John Russo Oct 30th, 2019

The specific design, cost estimates, and management arrangements for the Western Sector facilities will return for further City Council review by February of 2020. The design of the new facilities is conceptual at this point, and the City and Heritage Fields each recognize the need to generate a more specific design, with related cost estimates, to be presented to the City Council for its further evaluation and approval. To that end, Heritage Fields will complete an initial design to the same level of detail as was used for the other improvements built in the Great Park by Heritage Fields. Those designs will be presented to City staff in early 2020. City staff and Heritage Fields staff will then collaborate on finalizing the designs for presentation to the City Council in February 2020. Once the designs are approved by the City Council, the process for completing the facilities will follow the process used for other improvements in the Great Park, e.g., Sports Park, Bosque, and Bee. 

John Russo Oct 30th, 2019

The Agreement envisions the hiring of professional operations managers for the water polo and indoor volleyball/basketball facilities. The City will be the owner of the facilities and will pay for basic maintenance costs, but the operators will be responsible for managing and programming the facilities. a general proposition the management agreements will ensure ample public access to and use of the facilities, while at the same time providing opportunities for high level teaching, training and competition.

John Russo Oct 30th, 2019

Authorize the Mayor to execute the Second Amendment to the Second Agreement with City of Irvine as Adjacent Landowner, providing for the funding, design, and construction and management of water polo, indoor volleyball/basketball, and parking structure facilities in the Western Sector of the Orange County Great Park, and which provides funding toward the design and construction of the Southern California Veterans Cemetery on the Golf Course Site in the Orange County Great Park. 


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