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On-Demand Mobile Fueling in Irvine
On-demand mobile fueling of gasoline presents public safety and environmental concerns, as it involves dispensing of highly flammable liquid from a mobile fuel vehicle to another vehicle in a multitude of outdoor settings. Motor vehicle fueling using flammable liquids such as gasoline is currently authorized by the IFC only at fixed gas stations, and for private use on farms and construction sites. In response to interest in on-demand mobile fueling, In 2016, the Office of the California State Fire Marshal convened a Mobile Fueling Task Force comprised of representatives from State agencies, fire code officials, industry stakeholders and interested parties to develop and evaluate regulations for on-demand mobile fueling. The Mobile Fueling Task Force ultimately drafted model code regulations for on-demand mobile fueling operations. The draft regulations provide technical and administrative safety controls for on-demand mobile fueling of motor vehicles. These regulations were presented during the International Code Hearings in 2016 and were approved for inclusion in the 2018 IFC (Section 5707- Mobile Fueling). Although the 2018 IFC has been published, it has no authority unless or until the California State Fire Marshal or the local jurisdiction adopts any new or amended code. The IFC is a model code that presents minimum safety guidelines for new and existing buildings, facilities, storage, and processes. Typically, the California State Fire Marshal will consider amendments of the IFC and then amend the California Fire Code accordingly. In the case of mobile fueling, the Fire Marshal did not adopt Section 5707 of the IFC governing mobile fueling because, by statute, the California State Fire Marshal cannot adopt any code that is not a building standard. This means local jurisdictions retain the discretion to allow or disallow this activity.
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Reporting Traffic Problem in Irvine
I am writing to report a traffic problem located in Irvine, at  approximately (33.621857, -117.821091).  This issue is substantially  affecting the ability to traverse the roadways.
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