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189149 One Broadway Plaza Project Active Santa Ana, CA, USA Santa Ana Orange County CA US In 2004, the City of Santa Ana certified the EIR for One Broadway Plaza (State Clearinghouse No. 199101047). The Approved One Broadway Plaza Project does not allow for residential uses.

The project required a general plan amendment; amendment to the circulation element; amendment to the Midtown Specific Plan; adoption of the One Broadway Plaza Specific Development Zoning District; tentative map; vacation of Sycamore Street; encroachment permits/maintenance agreement; approval of inclusion of a portion of State-owned property; Historical Resource Commission review for demolition requests; and a State helipad permit.

Implementation of the Approved Project would impact two street segments: Main Street between 17th Street and 1st Street and Broadway between Santa Clara Avenue and 1st Street, and seven intersections (Main Street & 17th Street; Broadway Street & 17th; Main Street & Washington Avenue; Broadway Street & 4th Street; 1st Street & Flower Street; Santa Ana Boulevard & Flower Street; and Fairview & 1st Street).

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728167 Orange County Catholic Worker Homeless Lawsuit Active Santa Ana, CA, USA Santa Ana Orange County CA US Orange County, Anaheim, Orange, and Costa Mesa, have taken actions to force unhoused people into the area of the Santa Ana Riverbed between the Santa Ana Freeway and Ball Road. Now, the County is taking steps to push those people back into the surrounding cities without a plan for housing or shelter. The failure, if not the outright refusal, of Orange County and its cities to adopt positive measures to address the housing crisis and the willingness to criminalize the mere act of existing in public spaces takes a toll on the County’s most vulnerable people. At every opportunity the County and its cities have invested in enforcement instead of housing, blaming other entities for the problem, and leaving unhoused people nowhere to turn, nowhere to live, and nowhere to sleep. 0000-00-00 00:00:00 0000-00-00 00:00:00 2020-06-13 19:19:57 no 0 321152 Proj:881482 109 47449,47447 51095,999714 2020-06-13 21:37:22 33.7454725 No -117.867653 Yes 432951 no Project banner 728167.jpg 0 126 9792661

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