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Massachusetts Attorney General

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Maura Healey Jun 3rd, 2019

On behalf of the Commonwealth, the Attorney General asks the Court to end Purdue’s illegal conduct and make Purdue and its culpable executives pay for the harm they inflicted in our state.  WHEREFORE, the Commonwealth respectfully requests that this Court grant the following relief after a trial on the merits:

  • a. Determine that all defendants engaged in unfair and deceptive acts and practices in violation of G.L. c. 93A, §2, and the regulations promulgated thereunder;
  • b. Permanently enjoin all defendants from engaging in unfair and deceptive acts and practices;
  • c. Order all defendants to disgorge all payments received as a result of their unlawful conduct;
  • d. Order all defendants to pay full and complete restitution to every person who has suffered any ascertainable loss by reason of their unlawful conduct;
  • e. Order all defendants to pay civil penalties of up to $5,000 for each and every violation of G.L. c. 93A, § 2;
  • f. Award the Commonwealth costs and attorney’s fees, pursuant to G.L. c. 93A, § 4;
  • g. Determine that all defendants created a public nuisance;
  • h. Order all defendants to abate the nuisance, to reimburse the cost of the Commonwealth’s abatement efforts, and to pay compensatory damages for harms caused by the nuisance; and
  • i. Grant all other relief as the Court may deem just and proper.

Maura Healey Jun 3rd, 2019

Purdue Pharma created the epidemic and profited from it through a web of illegal deceit. First, Purdue deceived Massachusetts doctors and patients to get more and more people on its dangerous drugs. Second, Purdue misled them to use higher and more dangerous doses. Third, Purdue deceived them to stay on its drugs for longer and more harmful periods of time. All the while, Purdue peddled falsehoods to keep patients away from safer alternatives. Even when Purdue knew people in Massachusetts were addicted and dying, Purdue treated doctors and their patients as targets to sell more drugs. At the top of Purdue, a small group of executives led the deception and pocketed millions of dollars.


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