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Real Estate and Housing Regulations

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73782 Airbnb's Complaint Against the City of Boston for Injunctive Relief Active Local Boston, MA, USA Boston Suffolk County MA US This is a case about a city trying to conscript home-sharing platforms into

enforcing regulations on the city’s behalf, in a manner that would thwart both federal and Massachusetts law. The City of Boston has enacted an Ordinance limiting short-term residential rentals by hosts. But it goes much further than that. The Ordinance also enlists home-sharing platforms like Airbnb into enforcing those limits under threat of draconian penalties, including $300-per-violation-per-day fines and complete banishment from doing business in Boston. Airbnb believes that home-sharing may be lawfully regulated, and it has worked with dozens of cities to develop the tools they need to do so without violating federal or state law. Boston’s heavy-handed approach, however, crosses several clear legal lines and must be invalidated.

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227294 Our Negotiations for the Local Tax in Vienna Active Global Vienna, Austria Vienna Vienna AT Regretfully, we have learned that the City of Vienna has prematurely broken off negotiations on the automated collection of local taxes via our platform. With a corresponding agreement, Airbnb would have automatically collected the tourism tax from the guest when booking and paid it to the City of Vienna. This would have meant less administrative work for both our host community and the city.

Back in 2016, we offered to collect the tourism levy on behalf of our hosts in the City of Vienna. Immediately after the change of the Tourism Promotion Act we renewed said offer, and were in constructive negotiations for months. Therefore, we cannot understand the sudden termination of these negotiations. All the differences that the City of Vienna cited as reasons for the termination are bridgeable ones for Airbnb. We have communicated this to the city administration.

We will therefore continue our efforts to resume negotiations and bring them to a successful conclusion. Airbnb is convinced that a low-threshold and unbureaucratic solution will benefit both the City of Vienna and you, our host community. Such agreements with Airbnb already work in more than 400 cities and regions worldwide. In German-speaking countries, agreements exist in Germany with Frankfurt and Dortmund, as well as in the Swiss cantons of Zurich, Zug, Basel and Basel-Land. In France, a national solution was even created with which we centrally collect the tourism levy for 23,000 municipalities.

Against this background and the positive experience we have already gained, we have offered the City of Vienna the opportunity to return to the negotiating table. We hope that the City Council will be persuaded to undertake talks with us to jointly find a successful conclusion. Of course we will inform you as soon as there is a new decision.

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262715 Important update for home sharers across Ireland Active Federal Dublin, Ireland Dublin County Dublin IE Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy has announced new proposals for short-term lettings regulations. Airbnb supports the legitimisation of home sharing worldwide and has long called for fair and proportionate rules for home sharing which will offer clarity to the host community across Ireland. However, it is not clear how the proposed set of restrictive regulations addresses the government’s housing concerns. As the Minister for Housing has announced proposed regulations Airbnb and the home sharing community across Ireland will continue to work to try to ensure the finalised version represents fair and clear home sharing laws for Ireland and address the route concerns about the removal of housing from the long-term rental market:

Home sharers share the home in which they live. In Ireland, 88% of hosts share their primary home. Restricting the rental of primary residences to 90 nights will not lead to those homes being available on the long-term rental market. More than half of (52%) hosts in Dublin use the extra income they make by sharing their home to make ends meet. Even more hosts (61%) say it helps them stay in their home. Restricting Dubliners who want to share their primary home places new limits on those families who rely on Ireland’s tourism economy. Entire home listings in Ireland represent less than 1% of the available housing stock. Placing the restrictions planned on the short-term rental of sec

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37802 Should Short Term Rentals Like Airbnb Pay Taxes Like Hotels? Active Local Honolulu, HI, United States Honolulu Honolulu County HI US Many Honolulu businesses and consumers think the time has come to tax Airbnb and other short-term rental sites with the same oversight and transparency as hotels. According to a Hawaii Tourism Authority report, Airbnb is the third largest vacation rental platform in the state.The Hawaii Appleseed Center for Law and Economic Justice found one out of every 24 housing units in the state is a vacation rental. Allow for temporary rentals if rental units agree to the following provisions:

1) MH Genius here

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