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551218 Gideon's Trumpet: Indigent Right to Counsel Historical Solved Global Florida, USA FL US Charged in a Florida State Court with a noncapital felony, I appeared without funds and without counsel and asked the Court to appoint counsel for me; but this was denied on the ground that the state law permitted appointment of counsel for indigent defendants in capital cases only. I conducted my own defense about as well as could be expected of a layman; but was convicted and sentenced to imprisonment. Subsequently, I applied to the State Supreme Court for a writ of habeas corpus, on the ground that my conviction violated his rights under the Federal Constitution. The State Supreme Court denied all relief. 0000-00-00 00:00:00 0000-00-00 00:00:00 gideonstrumpet 2018-05-17 19:25:18 no 0 315049 Proj:879596 126 47313,231 51074,51075,51186,51187,51188,51189,51190,51191,51192,51193,257 2018-09-21 07:17:16 27.6648274 No -81.5157535 Yes 54600 no Project banner 551218.jpg 0 0 0
126734 Empowering Public Defenders - not Public Pretenders Active Los Angeles, CA, USA Los Angeles Los Angeles County CA US As the LA County Board of Supervisors searches for the new chief public defender for the Los Angeles County public defender’s office, it must be cognizant of a deep commitment to quality indigent defense. Needs range from social services to proactively dressing the severe civil legal consequences that can stem from criminal convictions. This experience gives faith that the candidates are true defenders. 0000-00-00 00:00:00 0000-00-00 00:00:00 ucicriminaljustice 2018-05-17 19:19:02 no 0 315046 Proj:883988 126 9006 9388,51204 2018-06-08 12:01:35 34.0522342 No -118.2436849 Yes 147468 no Cityscape of Los Angeles Los Angeles County California United States size-k.jpeg 0 0 0

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