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SimpleGov is a technology platform empowering direct accountability, solution-oriented dialogue, and policy optimization. Developed over ten years, our award-winning platform is built with unprecedented applied expertise in legal and policy dynamics. SimpleGov's unique peer-to-peer architecture enables precision policymaking and full-spectrum accountability, creating new incentives for effective governance by providing a method to praise and critique agencies and officials in a public, transparent, objective and equitable manner.

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Digital Forum (Custom CMS Extensions) for WordPress

Our content extensions deliver SimpleGov functionality on third-party websites, blogs and other internet content. Currently available for WordPress, but soon available for others.

Extension Types

Extension types currently available include:

  • Latest Update (Official, Agency, or Project)
  • Top Solution (Custom Selected or Dynamic)
  • Top Agencies (Custom Ratings or Dynamic)
  • Top Officials (Custom Ratings or Dynamic)
  • Alternative Solutions

Installation Guide

Any site running WordPress (currently 37% of the web) can install the plugin, available to download via Dropbox (ZIP Format).

Step 1: Add New Plugin

Step 1: Install Plugin in WordPress Site

In your WordPress site's settings menu, choose Add Plugin, then select the Upload New Plugin option to install the .ZIP file linked above.

Step 2: Install and Update

Step 2: Automatic HoverText Extensions

Enter the API Key provided and ensure all settings are updated.

Step 3: Enter API Key

Step 3: Add Custom Manual Extensions

After installation, the SimpleGov plugin automatically identifies text content on existing pages matching recognized Agencies or Officials, and adds an inline SimpleGov HoverText Extension featuring the latest update from the Agency and/or Official. Selecting the floating SimpleGov logo in the bottom left of the screen allows input of additional extensions in either inline (HoverText) or standard block display format.

Integration Demo

Demonstrating potential integration opportunities, the following Wordpress live demo shows some potential areas of potential value. To view the demo, please click here.