Deschedule Marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act Now

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Deschedule Marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act Now

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Marijuana has been officially recognized as a legitimate medicine in 16 U.S. States in addition to the District of Columbia. The current FDA guidelines for scheduling controlled substances categorize all uses of marijuana (including that used for medical use, only) as Schedule I, erroneously placing it in the same category as Heroin and Crack Cocaine, stating that it has a high potential for abuse and no recognized medical value. The second portion of the requirement to be a Schedule I substance is absolutely untrue of medical marijuana – a point made quite clear simply by the term itself: medical marijuana. We are demanding Congress and President Barack Obama to alter our current federal policy on medical marijuana and reschedule it appropriately to a Schedule V substance, where it can be researched and prescribed in the same fashion that other therapeutic medicines are today, including as Vicodin or Oxycontin. Please apply our current laws fairly, as they were intended, and adjust mistakes made in the in

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