Global Fisheries Conservation Project

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Global Fisheries Conservation Project

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According to United Nations statistics, more than half the world’s fisheries are being fished at maximum capacity and 31 percent are fished at biologically unsustainable levels.

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Joseph Donovan
Ambassador to Indonesia
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Walton Family Foundation
Jun 10th, 2018

United States Agency for International Development and Walton Family Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding at the Economist World Ocean Summit to improve Indonesia’s marine biodiversity conservation and fisheries management.

The initiative is part of the foundation’s 2016-2020 ocean strategy that takes a systems approach—working on both the supply and demand side—to promote sustainability in five core countries: Indonesia, Peru, Chile, Mexico and the United States. This systems approach includes:

 • Empowering fishermen and local communities through rights-based management approaches that provide them with secure tenure rights;

 • Making science-based decisions about annual catch limits, habitat protection and timelines for rebuilding fish stocks;

 • Building capacity for fishermen, governments and civil society;

 • Reforming public policies to create positive incentives that encourage responsible fishing; and

 • Harnessing the market for sustainable seafood to build demand for healthy fisheries practices.

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